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 GWP Tommy White
GWP William T. White
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     Grand Worthy Patron White joined Queen of Sheba Chapter No.1, Order of the Eastern Star. He became the Worthy Patron and remained there for many years. Priding himself of his proficiency in degree work, Past Patron White was appointed to served as Grand Lecturer under Grand Worthy Matron Cheryl Abbott. In addition, each year he performs the Chapter of Sorrow for the Prince Hall Grand Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star Annual Session.

     As a member he has participated in many fundraisers, most notably the Aids Baby Shower recognized by the City of Providence and the House of Representatives of the State of Rhode Island. His love for what the organization stands for begins and ends with the many Women of Color he represents. He has been called a second son, a big brother an uncle or just plain “Tommy” whatever the occasion it is always on the Fifth Point of the Star.

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