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Grand Star Clear1QUEEN OF SHEBA Chapter No.6 OES of Providence, Rhode Island was instituted on November 27,1893 under the GRAND CHAPTER OES, Jurisdiction of North Carolina. With the forming of the GRAND CHAPTER OF NEW ENGLAND, QUEEN of SHEBA was the second Chapter to unite on May 3,1894. Grand Worthy Matrons from this Chapter were Sisters, Annabelle Cooper, Annie O. Mason, Margaret V. Gross and Grand Worthy Patron George E. HoJlvey.  Queen Esther Chapter No. 11 OES of Newport, Rhode Island was instituted on July 21, 1918 under the GRAND CHAPTER of NEW ENGLAND OES.

The new England Grand Chapter OES consisted of Chapters from Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts until 1944, at which time the Grand Chapter of Massachusetts was formed, pulling by demit all Massachusetts Chapters into their Jurisdiction except for four. In 1966 these four were demitted to Massachusetts by order of the Grand Master. The New England Grand Chapter OES then consisted of just Connecticut and Rhode Island until 1980.

On September 12,1980, Rhode Island through the acquiescence of the Honorable Thee Atris Carpenter, Most Worshipful Grand Master of Masons in Rhode Island, acquired a Grand Chapter Order of Eastern Star.

At its 86th Annual Session held at the Marriot Inn, Providence, Rhode Island, September 11 through 14,1980, Prince Hall Grand Chapter, Order of Eastern Star, New England and Its Jurisdiction, Inc., having granted Areme Chapter a Charter, at the same time agreed to set the three Rhode Island Chapters, Queen of Sheba, Queen Esther and Areme apart from its Jurisdiction and in obedience consented with the approval of Most Worshipful Preston L. Pope, Grand Master of Masons in Connecticut, to organize, form and install selected members from the afore mentioned Chapters into a Grand Chapter with all sovereign powers and rights and exclusive jurisdiction in the State of Rhode Island.

Thus, to that end, a permanent union was formed under Dispensation from Grand Worthy Matron Cleo B. Matchen of Prince Hall Grand Chapter, Order of Eastern, New England and its Jurisdiction, Inc.

Queen of Sheba chapter #6, Order of Eastern Star of Providence, Rhode Island opened an occasional Chapter to receive the Grand Chapter Officers, who proceeded to constitute a new Grand Chapter for Rhode Island, namely Prince Hall Grand Chapter Order of Eastern Star, State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, PHA and to Install its first officers in ancient and ample form.

HISTORY (cont) 

Sitting for the New England Grand Chapter were the following:

Grand Worthy Matron           Cleo B. Matchen      

Grand Worthy Patron             William Randolph 33            

Grand Asso. Matron              Hortense Wilson      

Grand Asso. Patron               Theodore Wilson      

Grand Conductress                 Laura Gilliam            

Grand Asso. Conductress      Fredricka Creighton

Grand Proclaimist                 Clifton Green              

Grand Marshall                     Garland Creighton     

Grand Sentinel                      John Murphy               

Officers elected and installed, becoming the first officers of the new Rhode Island             

Grand Chapter OES, PHA were:  

Grand Worthy Matron    Sis. Evelyn Smith

Grand Worthy Patron     Bro. Walter L. Riddick 33

Grand Asso. Matron        Sis. Carrie Husband

Grand Asso, Patron         Bro. Henry Young 33

Grand Treasurer               Sis. Ruby Gray

Grand Secretary               Sis. Joan Minor

Grand Conductress          Sis. Ruth Isom

Grand Asso. Conductress              Sis. Agnes Riddick

Grand Trustee 3 Years    Bro. Conrad Luster 33

2 Years  Sis. Bernice Gaines

1 Year   Sis. Thelma Maxie

Grand Chaplain  Bro. Horace Brannon      

Grand Marshall (East)     Sis. Gertrude Simmons  

Grand Marshall (West)   Sis. Mildred Lord             

Grand Sentinel   Bro. Levert Babbs            

Grand Adah        Sis. Lillian Oliver

Grand Ruth         Sis. Ruth Brannon

Grand Esther      Sis. Marion Mason

Grand Martha    Sis. Alice Bassette

Grand Electa      Sis. Regina Parker

Grand Christian Flag Bearer         Sis. Josephine Cardoza

Grand United States Flag Bearer Sis. Rachel Babbs

Grand Eastern Star Flag Bearer   Sis. Alfreida Hill

Grand Lecturer  Sis. Alma Rollins

Grand CCFC        Sis. Madeline Riley

Grand Organist           Sis. Julia Ann James


The Chapters were renumbered under obedience to the Prince Hall Grand Chapter of Rhode Island as follows:

Queen of Sheba Chapter No. 1 of Providence

Queen Esther Chapter No.2 of Newport

Areme Chapter No.3 of Providence

In conjunction with this historic event, the Honorable Thee Atris Carpenter, Most Worshipful Grand Master had cause to be prepared an Official Charter in recognition of the new Grand Chapter.

A petition from a sufficient number of Sisters and Brothers of Queen of Sheba Chapter No. 1 and Areme Chapter No. 3 was recommended and vouched for by Worshipful Master Douglas Jessie of Corinthian Lodge #6 of Woonsocket, for the purpose of obtaining a "charter under Dispensation".

The names submitted were members of the Order of the Eastern Star in good standing in their chapters. Based on the creditation of the above, a warrant under dispensation was given under the hand of Grand Worthy Patron L. David Shavers and the Seal of the Prince Hall Grand Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star, State of RI and Providence Plantations on the twenty-first day of October 1989. The Warrant was signed by Grand Worthy Patron L. David Shavers and attested by Grand Secretary Joan Minor.

Grand Worthy Matron Thelma Maxie appointed:

Sister Joyce Weston        Worthy Matron

Brother Roosevelt Harris       Worthy Patron

Sister Lelia Harris             Associate Matron

Brother Raymond Gray  Associate Patron

The name of this Chapter is Electa Chapter No. 4 (UD) of Woonsocket, RI.


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